Company News

  • VSI has been selected to represent Plastec Ventilation Inc. line of
    small direct drive centrifugal blowers in Florida and Latin America.
    These blowers are polypropylene construction with CFM’s up 4500
    and/or static pressures up to 12”.
  • Penn Barry has announced a 1.9 % price increase which is
    currently in place.
  • Penn Barry introduces an Iplume induced flow lab fans which are
    AMCA 200 certified. They are available from 12” – 45” either direct
    or belt driven with static pressures up to 7”.
  • Cincinnati Fan Co. introduces a series of high pressure centrifugal
    blowers from 24” – 73”. These new HPBC blowers are available in
    most arrangements with volumes up to 80,000 CFM, static pressure
    up to 105” and efficiencies up to 78%.
  • Cincinnati Fan Co. announced a 4% price increase effective with
    orders entered March 12, 2021. Shipment of orders at current prices
    must be completed by April 2, 2021.

Manufacturer Spotlight

Industrial Air Products IAP

  • We would like to introduce you to Industrial Air Products (IAP)
    who have been building air moving equipment since 1974. IAP Inc.
    is family owned and currently in their 3rd generation. Their
    manufacturing plant is in Phillips, Wisconsin and besides the
    manufacturing areas, they have a test lab, an AMCA approved test
    chamber and speed balancing equipment.
  • Their product lines include many types of standard medium and
    large centrifugal blowers along with tube axial, vane axial and plug
    fans. Custom designs are also available.
  • Their engineering capabilities include CAD, Solid Models, FEA &
    3D. All fans go through a design review which includes drive,
    bearings, and critical speed analysis.
  • Materials of construction include mild and AR steel, aluminum, 304
    and 316 stainless steel and most all special alloys.
  • Other capabilities include high temperature, split housings, liners,
    swing out, spark resistant, insulated, and dairy fans.

Engineering Report

Projects requiring large centrifugal blowers limit the arrangements that can be selected. The following outlines these arrangements
that are available and their potential use with motors 100 HP and greater.


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P.O. BOX 750


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