Engineering Report

Maximizing the capabilities of your fans and blowers is not a difficult task. The following outlines what can be done to improve fan and blower performances.

  1. Ensure that the straight ductwork on the fan inlet is at least
    2.5 diameter in length. If not possible, utilize an inlet box.
  2. If no ductwork is on the fan inlet purchase and install an
    inlet bell on the inlet to decrease the inlet acceleration loss.
  3. Consider adding an Evase on the fan discharge to get a
    static pressure regain.
  4. Replace Chinese rain caps with either no loss stack caps, no
    loss vertical discharges, offset elbows or offset exhaust
  5. Verify that the structural steel supports do not cause
    shaking of your ventilation equipment. Continued
    movement of the ventilation equipment will cause bearing
    and shaft problems while can cause failure of the fan
    wheel. Isolation of the air movement equipment can be
    accomplished with either rubber-in-shear or spring
    isolators plus adding expansion joints to the inlet and
    discharge fan ductwork.
  6. Proper isolation can increase the life expedience of your fan
    and blowers.
  7. Our engineering project sales managers are capable of the
    above improvements.

VSI Capabilities

Ventilation Specialists Inc. has been engineering and installing industrial ventilation equipment since 1968. We carry both general and product liability insurance. We have represented Florida industry since 1968, all of Latin America since 2003, and recently been awarded the representation of Georgia for many of our product lines. We are knowledgeable regarding the exhaust of corrosive and/or explosive chemicals. Our
company is unique as we combined our engineering capability with direct factory representation of industrial ventilation equipment along with providing installation.

The following outlines how projects are handled.

  1. Analyze the existing plant conditions either with a plant visit or
    telephone or email discussions.
  2. Compute the best engineering solution to improve the plant
    working conditions consistent with the Industrial Ventilation
    Handbook, NFPA recommend classification of flammable liquids,
    gases and combustible dusts and chemical resistance for metals and
  3. Prepare a detailed engineered proposal for the equipment and
  4. Review the client the engineering equipment selection and exactly
    what will be achieved.

When we can be helpful solving your plant ventilation problems,
please contact us.


Based on expanding our sales coverage, VSI is actively looking to hire one or two additional project sales engineers. On-the-job (OJT) training provided.
If interested, please contact Steve Ousley at 863-221-0761 or [email protected].

Company News

Long shipment lead times for fans & blowers are not improving, therefore we recommend you determine your critical fan & blower systems that you cannot do without. You should consider purchasing redundant fans and/or blowers so that production downtime can be minimized.


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