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YRC (Yellow), one of the largest LTL
trucking companies has filed for bankruptcy.
YRC could not reach a deal with the unions.
YRC was the third largest trucking company in
the United States.

Cincinnati Fan has improved both axial and
Centrifugal fans shipments. Standard fans can
often ship in 24 – 48 hours when expedited.

Standard shipment is outlined as follows:

Cast Aluminum fans – 2 weeks
Fabricated axial fans – 4 weeks
Fabricated centrifugal blowers – 7-8 weeks

The Department of Energy request for premium
Efficiency emailed a few years ago did not occur all
motors. They recently announced that all motors must
meet regulated efficiencies at all voltages and
frequencies. This change will require motor
nameplate and service panel labeling requirements.
Hopefully how and when this must be completed
will be forthcoming.

Cincinnati Fan has completed adding large backward
curved and backward inclined fans from 40” to 60” Ø
to their product line.


Over the years there has been considerable discussion as to why a fan or blower does not perform exactly as the published data provided by the equipment manufacturer. This difference has been called “systems effects”.

More than 90% of the time, the difference in performance is attributable to how this fan or blower was installed. The following outlines a number of causes for a variance:

  1. Airflow systems should be designed to handle the actual air density, temperature, and elevation that the fan or blower will encounter.
  2. The amount of negative static pressure on the blower inlet should be accounted for.
  3. The inlet to the fan or blower should have straight duct That is 2.5 times the fan inlet size.
  4. Selection of the fan or blower should not be on the back of the fan curve.
  5. Fan discharge elbows should be installed in the same direction as the wheel rotation.
  6. Airflow and static pressure test data need to be taken in straight duct runs where the CFM is mostly uniform across the cross section of the ductwork.

VSI News

We continue to receive many requests for evaluation of existing company ventilation that can improve working conditions within their manufacturing plants.


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