• The Cincinnati Fan Co. standard shipment lead time is 10 working days, but because of an increase in demand, shipment & schedule has been increased to 15 working days.
  • As manufacturing plants recover from the virus, we are beginning to see some price increases from our fan, blower, louver, and damper manufacturers.
  • For those customers that have existing proposals we suggest they consider moving forward in order to save money. Often manufacturers will accept orders now, hold production for a negotiated number of weeks without increasing prices.
  • As the Florida Fall temperatures decrease, some manufacturing procedures need warm plant temperatures to produce their products. Others need heat to keep their workers comfortable and productive. One of the most efficient heaters in the direct fired gas makeup air unit. Not only can they produce heat utilizing natural gas or propane but in the non-heating season they can provide ambient makeup air into the plant to cool workers.


  • Often customers ask the advantages of either negative or positive building pressure. Negative pressure is exhausting more air than supply air. The airflow difference between the supply and the exhaust will equalize through open doors, louvers, and cracks etc.
  • Positive Pressure is bringing in more powered air than exhausted air. The airflow difference between the supply and the exhaust will equalize through open doors louvers and cracks etc.
  • Negative building pressure is the most common arrangement primarily because of cost. Often, all the supply air is drawn in through open doors at no additional cost.
  • Positive building pressure is required if the manufacturing plant is involved in the following:
    1. open food processing
    2. powered filtered make-up air for a dust and
      insect free plant environment

Engineering Report

During this COVID-19 virus period, we are experiencing a considerable increase in plant ventilation projects to improve plant working conditions. Ventilation Specialists, Inc. offers the following:


  1. Evaluation of existing plant ventilation
  2. Engineering solutions to improve the quality of the plant air
  3. Direct factory pricing from fan and blower manufacturers that we represent
  4. Installation of fans, blowers, dust collectors, scrubbers, ductwork, and heaters
  5. Capable of repairing or replacing most all fans and blowers of other manufacturers
  6. Single source responsibility


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